Small enough to care, large enough to cope is a well worn phrase. But when you have an IT problem your staff prefer to speak to people they know rather than a faceless call centre where they never speak to the same voice twice. We pride ourselves on forming lasting relationships with our customers. We’re no more interested in the technical jargon than you are. As far as we are concerned, the important thing is to provide you with a solution that works without you having to learn to navigate through the confusing world of IT.


Network Support

As technology moves on your network needs to be more and more connected to the outside world. For those who have neither the time, inclination nor in-house expertise to keep up with new trends and maintain an ever increasingly complex web of connectivity Liquid Software are here to help.

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As Dell partners we can provide hardware solutions from top end servers and high quality PCs to laptops, notebooks and tablets. Furthermore our extensive knowledge of all things hardware means we can advise or supply more or less anything you may need to automate your office.

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We recognize that these days your business struggles without highly dependable internet facilities. That’s why we have teamed up with Zen – an award winning provider of high quality, high reliability internet facilities.

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Who knows what benefit the average malware author gets from causing your Pcs to crash. Everyone knows what benefit the average hacker gets from obtaining your bank details. Whatever the threat, quality antivirus and antimalware software has become a business necessity. As a provider of Bitdefender products we can install cutting edge technology to protect your entire network from servers to mobile phones.

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